MATERIALS: pulse radar, glass fiber radome, led lights, radar monitor, custom electronic circuitry, amplifiers, transmission line speaker, steel, wire.
MEASUREMENTS: site specific
EXHIBITION HISTORY: Regelbau 411. Oddesund, Thyholm. Denmark. 2021


”Art as radar acts as ‘an early alarm system,’ as it were, enabling us to discover social and psychic targets in lots of time to prepare to cope with them.” - Marshall McLuhan

RADAR L/413A explores the relationship between technology, human and our immediate surroundings. Using radar technology and sound, the exteriors of the Regelbau 411 WW2 bunker is transformed into a immersive sonic environment

On top of the WW2 bunker, a pulse radar rotates behind a large dome-shaped screen. From here, electromagnetic waves travel towards objects in the near and distant surroundings.

Entering the bunker, one hears the sound of the recording radar as low-frequency sound waves. Inside, renewned attention is drawn to our embodied senses and imagination, when decoding the sound and converting the signals into auditory signs of the world’s fluidity and change on a larger scale.

Unlike the visual decoding of physical and digital mappings, sound provides a different experience of the world as cohesive. Creating a time frame for a series of events, listening imparts a feeling of continuity and life. As a real-time sound image of the landscape outside, the waves resonate through the ceilings, floors and walls, interweaving the present moment captured by the radar with the historical architecture of the past.

A screen lights up in the dark, continuously refreshing the image of the world outside. The notion of a control room for atmospheric exploration seems to arise to the sound of those phenomena crossing the inner and outer, close and distant, visible and invisible spaces.



RADAR L/413A is a part of the solo exhibition RADAR together with the work RADAR L/410A.

The exhibition was curated by Matilde Best and Simon Thykjær.

Created in collaboration with engineers, acousticians and other specialists at Bang & Olufsen, radio enthusiasts from OZ3EDR - EDR Struer and with assistence from Sound Art Lab. Realized with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Danish Composers’ Society / KODA Culture



Photo: Studio Skjødt Hasselstrøm